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Sanitizing Hand Cream

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Kokum Butter and Aloe based hand cream that disinfects and keeps hands soft and moisturized. This kid friendly crisp clean (slightly citrusy) scented cream carries its anti viral & bacterial claim due to the carefully selected Essential Oils (like basil, rosemary, lemongrass etc) Along With some necessities like denatured alcohol & hydrogen peroxide.

I chose Kokum butter as the creams base because it is one of the most hydrating, softening, vitamin rich butters available. I love it’s rich white semi soft texture and that it’s deemed a protectant, helping skin heal faster.
Aloe Vera With its germ-killing properties - antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal - it's an effective botanical is antibiotic and a disinfectant.
The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that can help protect against harmful microorganisms as well.
Every aspect of this cream was carefully thought out because I can not with out 3rd party testing claim any strength or list the specific bacteria it can kill. But I promise you, I created this with positive good intentions and researched every single ingredient & it’s viral and antibacterial property’s.
This is the creation of 2 fabulous stand alone products }A Kokum Butter & Aloe cream & a Alcohol Aloe based gel sanitizer Similar to <<~that google recipe. 

I started with the cream then gradually whipped in the aloe alcohol, peroxide gel.

 The Alcohol content can not be exactly calculated with out testing however I used a 2:1 50% ethanol & 90% denatured alcohol with 10% of the whole hydrogen peroxide. I then added Witch Hazel coconut oil & several essential oils all ingredients listed below  



All natural organic ingredients & their individual benefits: (all pb products are handmade and thus may be slightly inconsistent please always keep up to date with detailed ingredients. Bees wax is used so this is not vegan 🌱 (descriptions coming soon ) 


Kokum Butter- 

Aloe Vera gel & distillate- 

Ethanol 60%-

Denatured Alcohol- 90% pure alcohol 

Hydrogen Peroxide-

Coconut Oil- 

Almond Oil- 

Cetyl Alcohol- fatty alcohol For emulsion 


Witch Hazel- 

Essential/Absolute organic oils ~~> Cinnamon Oil-

Tea Tree Oil- 

lemon oil-

lemongrass -

basil oil -

Rosemary Oil- 

Eucalyptus oil- 

Peppermint oil- 

Lavender oil- 


Potassium Sorbate , CAP5 & Germall