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Reusable Collagen eye masks

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Collagen and aloe vera based masks infused with botanical extracts to hydrate, fill lines & wrinkles, firm puffiness and reduce dark circles around the eyes. 


Reusable for up to a week morning and night place a pair under the eyes for minimum of 15 min and replace in tray and pop in the fridge. The cold helps to restrict blood circulation to enhance skins radiance. 


As of now I have 2 formulas. One infused with caffeine Gotu Kola and ginseng with collagen peptides and the other with Retinol, Ginseng and Alpha-arbutin. 


Both work to sooth and moisturize the under eye. 

The Alpha-arbutin dramatically brightens dark circles 

Where the Caffeinated mask focuses on anti-aging antioxidants.